Aktuell habe ich noch keine Kategorien eingerichtet. Neue Schlagwörter können von allen erzeugt werden. Kategorien werden vom Admin vorgegeben.

Welche Kategorien könnten denn Sinn machen? Und welche Sprache wollen wir verwenden?

Wie wäre es z.B. mit:

3D printing
Laser cutting
Laser engraving
CNC routing

Meinungen? Vorschläge?

LG, Bernd

Hi Bernd,

Thanks for setting this up! As for categories, how about

  • Finished projects (a place to share your results, perhaps including some progress-/behind-the-scenes photos)

  • Laser cutting, -engraving and -marking

  • 3D printing and -scanning

  • CNC routing

  • Textile corner (embroidering, knitting, T-shirt printing)

  • Electronics

  • Woodshop?

  • Machine projects/repairs (e.g. the 5-axis CNC, potential plasma cutter, info regarding broken 3D-printers, …)

  • Materials (where to buy in/near Basel, availability at SF, …)

  • Public opening hours and other events (e.g. workshops, PR activities)

  • SF decisions (members only)

Understanding Discourse slightly better now, I realize that categories are probably not the right way to classify content (but tags are). Categories are more like channels and can be mapped to e-mail addresses, mimicking mailing lists. If we create a channel per potential activity in SF then we highly fragment our online forum.

How about going with the following categories (at least in the beginning) and corresponding e-mail addresses:

  • General - Everyone who is interested (open category) - general@discourse.starship-factory.ch
  • Members - Only members of SF (closed category) - members@discourse.starship-factory.ch
  • Board - Only board members of SF (private category) - board@discourse.starship-factory.ch
  • Admin - Only IT administrators of SF (closed category) - admin@discourse.starship-factory.ch

In addition, we could pre-define the following tags:

  • laser-cutting
  • laser-engraving
  • 3d-printing
  • cnc-routing
  • electronics
  • soldering
  • stitching
  • plotting
  • wood-work
  • programming
  • hacking
  • materials
  • plenum
  • announcements
  • news
  • workshop

In principle, everyone can create new tags. By pre-defining the most prominent ones we can hopefully limit the wild growth to a certain extent.