Hello Starship Factory! :)

I’m still learning German, so I’ll post in English :slight_smile: I hope that’s okay.

I just moved to Basel a week ago and am excited to hopefully join the Starship Factory! I moved from Vancouver, Canada and love electronics/hacking/open source. I stopped by last night around 7:30PM but there wasn’t anyone around, I’m planning on coming in this Tuesday to maybe meet some people and talk about registration.

Here are some projects I’ve been working on!

And my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4aRhZpbWRGECh_Kr5wFIkA

Hopefully see you Tuesday!

Hello machinehum,

Welcome to Basel and the Starship Factory! I am sorry to read that nobody was there to open our door. During winter we need to keep it closed for obvious reasons. Did you find the door bell next to it? Sometimes we are floating around in the building or just a little late.
Best is typically to announce yourself via the Signal chat group and make sure that somebody is around. You will find the link on our web page.
Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Absolutely no worries! I understand it’s a community based workship so of course you can’t enforce exact hours etc… I live only 10min walk away. I’ll try the signal channel! Thanks!